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Here at Custom Growth Group, we host a complimentary email newsletter, Networking Next Week – a list of places to network in the upcoming week.

This weekly email is distributed Friday, no later than Saturday each week.

If you have an open networking event going on in the Metro Memphis area, please let us know about it here.






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Story behind Networking Next Week

Early in 2017, I was looking for a way to keep connecting with business people that I was meeting at local meetings. My first few emails were conversations that announced where I was going to be networking that week and asking if anyone was going to be there. Later I started asking where people were networking. The answers made me realize there was a HUGE variety of places to networking during the month.

Networking Next Week was born. I began by requesting a list of places people were networking and then I started doing my research. The master list sits on a Google document and I just now mostly just refer to the websites for an update on time, location and who might be speaking.

The list was originally housed on my Gmail account, where I was dropping everyone into a Group. Then I would send the emails out to those in that group. Next people started referring the list and organizers started asking to have their event added. In June/July 2017, the list had reached over 250 people and was getting hard to manage, so I made the decision to move an email management service. For the first 2 months it was on MailChimp, in Sept 2017 it made the move to ConvertKit.

I post any networking event – the one rule is the meeting has to have an open networking segment or everyone gets the opportunity to stand up and introduce themselves.

Your mission should you decided to accept is: Grow your Network.